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Entrepreneur, Cultural Strategist
& Social Advocate


From Passion to Purpose 


With a diversified, award-winning career, Beatriz Acevedo emerges not merely as a successful entrepreneur but a visionary. She dedicates herself to reshaping narratives and championing the next generation of Latino leaders.



“She is one of those women who knows how to transform with the resources that she has. She can transform even just with a conversation.”

- Ana Valdez, Executive Director 


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 Embarking on her journey as an 8-year-old radio announcer in Mexico, Beatriz migrated to the U.S. in her early 20s. Through sheer determination and cultural pride, she raised over $55 million for her groundbreaking ventures, establishing herself as a beacon of Latino entrepreneurial excellence.



Beatriz's influence echoes in global mentions, with features in NBC News, Forbes, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. Yet, it's her commitment to empowering, representing, and advocating for inclusivity that cements her legacy.


A regular commentator on CNN, Beatriz illuminates intersections of media, technology, and social impact. Her insightful contributions to publications such as the Los Angeles Times and Business Insider underscore her authority on financial dynamics and cultural intricacies.


Invitations to esteemed platforms like Guy Raz “How I Built This”,  Eva Longoria’s Connections Podcast and LinkedIn News “Hello Monday" are a testament to Beatriz's thought leadership. Her keynote addresses—from The White House to Cannes Lion and SXSW—shine light on topics like entrepreneurship, Latino GDP, and financial inclusion.


Recognized as one of Wired Magazine's 100 Global Leaders and celebrated in Forbes' illustrious

50 over 50, Beatriz’s accolades mirror her vast influence. She holds pivotal board positions with Beneficial State Bank, the Latino Community Foundation and the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Committee. In an advisory capacity, her expertise benefits esteemed entities such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) , The Annenberg Foundation’s Pledge LA and Delta Airlines, underlining her diverse impact across multiple sectors.


The legacy of the Acevedo Foundation, pioneered by her father in Mexico, has been nurtured

and expanded under Beatriz's leadership in the U.S., placing a renewed emphasis on economic empowerment for emerging Latino entrepreneurs.


At the helm of Suma Wealth, Beatriz harnesses a $182B potential. Catering to young U.S. Latinos, this innovative fintech platform melds financial tools and cultural education. Their distinctive community-centric approach is unparalleled. With a proposition that champions "financial culture as a service", Suma Wealth collaborates with financial industry leaders like Chase, Fidelity, Intuit, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.


Beatriz's aspirations soar beyond mere business metrics. She's crafting legacies, nurturing communities, and championing representation, with an unwavering goal of enduring impact on the world.


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